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Hey-Guard for light fixtures
Hey-Guard is a universal bottom guard for highbay light fixtures.
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About us

Our family owned firm was founded in 1948 by our father H. M. Rodgers Jr..  He started as an electrical instructor in the US Navy prior to contracting.  Through the years our company has evolved and grown from doing small residential and commercial electrical jobs in the 1950's and 1960's to managing and performing much larger, more complex and diverse projects today.

For more than 30 years, we have concentrated our efforts primarily towards heavy industrial electrical projects.  Although we have performed projects for a wide variety of clientele, the majority of our large projects have been in the petro-chemical plants and steel mills of Western Pennsylvania.

Our firm HEY ELECTRIC CO., L.P., is centered around four brothers very closely aligned and experienced in many facets of electrical maintenance and construction, as well as, instrumentation, communications and electrical specialty work (i.e., Emergency Generators, Heat Tracing, Aerial Line Work, Conveyor Wiring, High Voltage Work, Fiber Optic Installations and More)

In the late 1980's electronic instrumentation systems and distributive control systems (DCS) became a larger portion of the electrical contracts we completed for our clients.  Through this experience we gained another field of expertise.

In the early 1990's when Local Area Networks became common, we became involved with several major fiber optic and structured cable plant (STP) installations.  These were performed in the facilities of some of our oldest and dearest industrial clients.

Today we feel equally comfortable with installations ranging from enhanced level 6 or optic fiber communication/data cabling, to instrumentation loop development and installation, to automating and upgrading an industrial unit, or a complete green or brown field electrical project which included all three major electrical divisions.

Our management team includes a wide variety of backgrounds; ranging from economic and administrative to technical engineering along with a strong mix of solid hands-on experience.  This enables us to continually up-grade and streamline our methods of management and construction, without sacrificing our high quality standard.

We partner with our suppliers and vendors in order to maintain the highest level of service at the best price.  We pay our vendors on time, ever time; usually with discounts.  This guarantees superior service and a good credit rating.  We utilize special purchasing software to document and track our materials.  And our purchasing agent holds a BS/EE which helps insure the right materials the first time, every time.

In 1984, we returned to affiliation with the International AFL-CIO IBEW Labor Union.  Today we work together with all three IBEW Locals in Western PA.  This grants us access to a large pool of experienced and highly skilled construction electricians during the natural ebb and flow of work.  It also enables us to utilize the NMAPC and other local construction agreements when applicable.  We are able to work in harmony with the union to allow our employees to earn a good living and still remain cost effective in the market place through their superior training and performance.

We have drafting and design facilities available, although our primary function is performing electrical installations.  With the equipment and financial resources, manpower and determination at our disposal today; we know we can be a beneficial and effective part of any project team.

We pride ourselves on a top notch safety record.  We take safety and safety training very seriously.  Hey Electric Co., L.P., currently maintains a Hazard Communication Program; an Anti-Drug policy, a Written Corporate Safety Policy, and a Bloodborne Pathogens Policy.  (Copies available upon request).  This is part of our ongoing attempt to provide a drug free and safe workplace for the performance of our projects.

We take great pride in the quality of our workmanship and customer service while maintaining the competitive cost levels our clients have come to expect.  We do this through personal attention both to our work and the needs of our clients.

We thank you for your consideration, and the time you have taken to review our firm.  It is our hope that you will look even closer.

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Hey Electrical Co., LP
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